We build companies and products that advance collaboration and trade across the world.

The products and services under the umbrella of EXL Company all have one thing in common, they provide the necessary tools to make better decisions, access markets, and trade globally without concern. All of our companies work towards a similar goal of servicing global trade through consultancy, intelligence, and compliance. 


OceanEXL is a maritime and trade advisory company servicing clients and relations all across the world. The company provides brokerage, consultancy, and advisory for maritime-related assets such as container vessels, bulk carriers, and tankers. The vision behind the company is to act as a hybrid shipbroking and advisory firm creating tailored solutions to each client via market intelligence, technology, and extensive know-how.


GlobeMerchant is a terminal providing advisors, companies, banks, and investors a list of modules including, first-class analytics, compliance and risk assessment, and an exchange for borrowers and capital providers to interact and source or provide financing.

The infrastructure of the terminal is built with the idea to provide a platform for tangible assets where market data is available for users to make better decisions, capital providers being able to assess risk and analyze company profiles and offer on projects based on insight and risk.

EXL Data Services

EXL Data Services is the core of the products and services that we provide under the umbrella of EXL Company, powering OceanEXL and GlobeMerchant with a list of data segments such as market data, analytics, and compliance assessments of companies. EXL Data Services gathers data and information including, industry data, trade data, vessel data, risk and compliance data, and transaction and fixture data. The data provided by EXL Data Services is gathered, analyzed, and displayed to support decision-makers to gain insight into various topics and make the right decisions.

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